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Mascara sure and lipstick lost

Glitter burned by restless thoughts

Ava Adore
15 February 1991
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Everything is broken

The Girl.
Jersey. Female.I spend my time:
Reading. Listening to music. Playing video games. Watching movies. Going to shows. Traveling. Working. Texting. Being a terrible driver. Sleeping. On the internet. At the doctor's. Dropping my phone. Daydreaming. Writing
Piercings. Tea. Fashion week. Sushi. Tattoos. Cigarettes. Hair dye. Dr. Pepper. My iPod, Morrissey. Star Wars. The Sidekick 3. Pop culture. Coffee. Youtube. Andy Warhol. Vegetarianism The Smashing Pumpkins. History. Zelda. The 1990's. New York. Art. Slash. Nintendo 64. Greek and Roman Mythology. Shopping. Astrology. Queer as Folk. New Jersey. Livejournal. Books. Haute Couture. German. Skeletons. Degrassi. Eastern Europe. 7:00 - 9:00 pm. Autumn. Subways. Saving ticket stubs. Comic books. 2:00 - 5:00 am. English. Animals. Marc Jacobs. The 1960's. Gum. Batman. Super Nintendo. Cd's. Receiving Emails. Shoes. Baseball. Green. List.

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Everyone is broken

So I'll keep it simple for obvious reasons,
And I'll say what I should and just hope you believe me.
But it never gets easier.
No' it never gets easier.
No, no, no.

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